Most charity and other fundraising events use a combination of activities to raise money. These activities include live auctions, silent auctions, special appeals, and raffles. A very simple and easy way to get an even higher level of participation is by employing colorful visual cues for your raffles.

Typically at a fundraising event, volunteers online silent auction ideas will make the rounds throughout the room during the evening and ask attendees to purchase raffle tickets. However because there are usually more than one volunteer doing this, and the rooms are filled with people, its hard for the volunteers to know which people have been approached to buy raffle tickets and which haven’t. Therefore, what you can do is have people who have purchased raffle tickets be marked in some way. Some ideas for this are simple handmade pins — which are basically just a safety pin and a piece of colored construction paper, stickers, bracelets made from paper — the same kind given out at concerts, or beaded necklaces. Any of these items can typically be found at a craft store or even a dollar store. The trick is to make them colorful and easy to spot.

One thing that makes charity and fundraising events successful, is that most of the people who attend them like to be noticed supporting a worthy cause. So, giving attendees a colorful indicator to wear will show everyone in the room that they have purchased raffle tickets. If you are running more than one raffle in the evening, you can have different identifiers for each one. For example, one could have the pin, another could have the beads, and a third one could have the paper bracelet.

You can have your professional auctioneer make public note of the colorful accessories being worn by the audience members, so that anyone who isn’t wearing them will feel left out and will run to buy their raffle tickets. It’s a simple, cheap, and easy way to get even greater participation at your next fundraising event.