Essential oils find many uses that range from bug repellents to a pick-me-up for your body. They have a number of uses that are therapeutic, and otherwise, upon use.

An essential oil is an oil concentrate that is extracted from certain parts of volatile plants. They are also called volatile oils or ethereal oils, and are not to be confused with fragrance oils or perfumes. The oils are extracted from different parts of the plant like the bark, leaves, flowers, seeds, fruits, and even the roots. Since they are highly concentrated, just a few drops are enough to produce great results. An  Lemongrass Oil is called as such because of the true essence it emanates after its extraction from the plant. The extraction is normally done through the process of distillation. Essential oils find many uses in various different fields. They are used most in aromatherapy therapeutic solutions. Aromatherapy works depending on the natural aromas of different herbs and plants.

Essential oils, when used correctly, benefit the user, both, physically and mentally. There are many other uses of essential-oils too. You can use essential-oils as room fresheners by mixing a few drops of the essential-oil in a bowl of hot water and placing it in a strategic location in the room. You can also use it in an aroma lamp or diffuser. These oils can be used directly on certain household items to prevent a foul odour from spreading in your home; adding a few drops to your trash can, laundry basket, or a tissue placed in your drawers can keep your home smelling good at all times. You can also use some of these oils as bug and insect repellents. Sprinkle a few drops of essential oils onto cotton balls and place them near windowsills or under the bed to keep away bugs and insects.

Other uses of essential-oils are for therapeutic and medicinal purposes. There are two ways to benefit from these oils – topical application and through inhalation. Topical application must be done using only blends of different essential-oils. Inhaling involves the use of a hot water bowl with a few drops of essential oil concentrate or the use of an aroma lamp. You may also spray a few drops on your pillow or a tissue and take in the aroma when you are asleep.

Essential oil extracts, when used correctly and strategically, has many good and therapeutic effects on your body and mind, which is why these oils are mainly used as home remedies in healing and curing many ailments.