A lawyer can take on a large caseload, but they are not always going to be willing to accept every case that comes their way. They can have a wide range of reasons for turning down a case, and they may not even tell you why they do so.

Insurance Issues

In many cases, lawyers can turn down a case because of problems with insurance. This includes issues like whether the defendant has any coverage for the claim, or if their policy limits are high enough to cover the damages you’ve suffered. This type of problem can arise in car accidents, slip-and-falls, and even bar fights.

It also happens in medical malpractice cases where it’s difficult to prove that the error that caused your injury actually happened. This is because it can be hard to show that the doctor was negligent in their care and that that negligence was what caused your injuries.

Other reasons for a lawyer to reject a case include:

Legal Ethics

This is the most common reason that a lawyer might decline your case. In order for a lawyer to take on your case, they must have strong ethical standards. This means that they must treat you with the utmost respect and make sure they protect your best interests at all times.

They must follow your instructions, and they must make sure that they do not violate your privacy or any other rights. They must also make sure they do not commit a crime or act in any other way that could put you at risk for legal consequences.

Time Issues

Law firms are often very busy, and they deal with hundreds of calls each month from potential clients. They need to evaluate a lot of cases in order to determine whether or not they can represent you, and they must consider the potential costs of your case before they decide to take it on. Recommended this site personal injury attorneys .


Another important consideration is time; the more time that a case takes to resolve, the less likely it is to win on behalf of a client. This is especially true in the case of a personal injury lawsuit where there are numerous witnesses, many of which will require travel for interviews or court appearances.

Ultimately, the main reason why a lawyer might refuse to take your case is that they don’t feel they have the time or resources to handle it effectively. If this is the case, you should ask them to explain why they do not feel able to help you.

If the lawyer is unwilling to explain this, you should seek out another attorney. There are many other attorneys in your area who may be able to take on your case.

A Legal History of Your Case

Sometimes a lawyer will decline a case because they believe that it has little chance of winning. This is because they feel that it has no merit, or that there is a good chance that their opponents will be able to successfully defend the suit and pay off the damages to their clients.